Joy Boulter Counselling and Psychotherapy in Victoria

Why counselling/psychotherapy?

There are countless reasons why people seek counselling or therapy. These can range from a general feeling of things not being right to an inability to cope with distressing symptoms of anxiety or depression. People seeking help may be unsure of what it is that is troubling them or feel overwhelmed by a specific issue such as a sudden loss.

What problems can counselling help with?

Counselling or therapy can help with troubling feelings such as anxiety and low self-esteem; or specific life-crises such as relationship breakdown, illness or the loss of a loved one. It can also help make sense of more general feelings of lack of enjoyment of life, lack of purpose and loss of direction, and feelings of emptiness.

What benefits can be expected from counselling?

Counselling or psychotherapy aims to help you to have a greater understanding of why you feel, think and behave in the way you do and so allow you to have greater choices in how you live your life.

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